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Hey, I am Frida

I am a web designer, marketing enthusiast, and WordPress-lover.

Over the last years, I spent a lot of time marketing websites and help improve the user experience to increase the sales of small businesses.

And I really love it! Being creative and analytic at the same time, going crazy playing around with ideas, colors, and forms, and then making it fit in with the directions and goals of the company is just so much fun.

After a rough start, I started getting into Web App Security. I am still a noob but I would like to help other people, especially women, to find an interest in this field too.

Follow me along on my journey to
become a web app pen tester

Although designing websites is my dream job, I’ve always been interested in the “hacker scene”.

There was always a fascination with tweaking systems and making them do things they were usually not built to do.

I love playing around with new WordPress themes and find new uses for functions to make the looks more unique and individual.

Reading more and more about “Hacking” and “Security”, I started to realize that Web Security is often a neglected topic, especially with small businesses.

In this day and age, I think, that can be a dangerous thing. Many small businesses depend on their online presence and having their site hacked can have serious consequences.