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My Journey on becoming
a Web App Security Ninja

Hey, I am Frida

Currently I’m working as a web designer & developer, often with WordPress.

For some time now I’m interested in Cyber Security, especially Web App  & Website Security, but for some time I felt overwhelmed by all the information out there.

This blog is intended to make it easier for others to access Internet security and to overcome the hurdles that have held me back for a long time.
Above all, I hope that more women dare to do this because we are underrepresented in cyber security.

You can also find me here:








Recent Posts

WriteUp: TryHackMe – Welcome

WriteUp: TryHackMe – Welcome

Website: Room: WelcomeDifficulty:                Tag: OpenVPN, Beginner, Access RoomsGoal******After finishing this room, you are set up to start playing around in TryHackMe. You learned what rooms are, how to deploy the hackable machines and by this to...

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Getting practice in Cyber Security – legally

Getting practice in Cyber Security – legally

There are tons of information out there about the theory of Cyber Security. But without knowing the practice of it, it is often hard to really understand what is going on. You need to get your feet wet. And here is how! One of the most amazing things about the...

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